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love sashimi!wanted to also tell you that the article for Kyodo is out. :)


Hopefully you will regain your energy, so we still be able to enjoy your wonderful posts ;)


That kibinago may have been bland but it looks absolutely gorgeous! And that is a very beautiful dish! I've never seen one squared off like that and I love it.


Also, this is somewhat off topic, but could you tell us more about Shiso and how and why it's used? I'd like to grow some and use it in salads, but I would like to know more about it. That budded stem is a truly beautiful garnish and I've never seen that either. So evocative of Spring!


I love your blog- I've been reading it for some time now since i've been totally obsessed with Japanese culture and food. I just read "Memories of silk and straw' which is really good. I look forward to your pictures and recipes! Thanks!

PS. I also recently watched Tampopo so now I'm trying to perfect my own homemade ramen.


Nice article about you–you deserve the credit for your excellent blog. I've learned so much from you.


Hi Amy, I have been reading your blog for a few months now and really enjoy it. I miss you when you are 'quiet'. I hope your energy returns soon. My son lives in Yokohoma and works in Tokyo, and I'm in Arizona. So I love all you say about the area, and your photos are yummy.


Going back to Japan in a few weeks and we're gonna try that Planetes place in Nerima. If you want to join us, please reply to the e-mail. I hear it will be rainy season in June/July, but I think that cake is worth it.


Amy you do not need the south beach diet! Love this post, Japanese markets fascinate me, it is always fun to see what you bring home!


God do I miss sushi... nearly four months in New Zealand, and what they call sushi (nevermind sashimi) is a crime against nihon ryori. The only decent place I've eaten at was January at Daikoku in Auckland, they could at least manage a decent oyakodon, though it was too damn big.

But sushi! I would sacrifice a lot for the end-of-day markdowns on sashimi at the Tokyu Food Show in Shibuya. Even for the shoddy stuff, I just hate the maki they pass off as sushi here. I will never undervalue it again!


I'm not much of a sashimi person, but that sure looks pretty.


Katsuo is one of my favourite sashimi. However it's very expensive here in Canada, I have seen 4 pieces selling for CAD7.99 in J-town (toronto). Love the supermarket katsuo sashimi in japan. I always eat that whenever I have a chance to go to Japan.


Amy your new photo looks great--playing megaphone with the flower...


Is there any Japanese food that you didn't think you could possibly eat before you came to Japan but that you really love now, Amy?

Mama BoK

I do missed good sashimi .. can't find them in Yarmouth.. and when i am in Halifax.. they won't even do my chawanmushi for me.. it's not on the menu.


Thanks for letting me know Kat!

Thanks Marijoe!

Elarael, the dishes here are just great. This is a special one and I don't use it nearly enough.
Shiso is super-easy to grow, I've got a bumper crop on my balcony right now! It used used as a flavouring and garnish and loved for its unique flavour and fragrance.

Finely chopped or chifonaded it is great mixed with other flavourings (soy sauce, shichimi, katsuobushi sesame or olive oil etc) and used as a sauce or dressing to top salads, tofu, rice and more. It is also perfect to roll up inside nikumaki (meat rolls) or sushi.

Thanks Bun! Wow, homemade ramen! That's something I'd never attempt--no reason when there's so much good stuff here!

Thank you Tess!

Eileen, thank you. I'm really glad if you can somehow feel connected to your son through this blog.

David, will you actually be in Nerima anyway? If not it might not be worth coming all the way out here. It's a good place, but there is a lot of good cake in Tokyo!

Thanks Sara! I need something, but you're right--the south beach diet is probably not it!

Oh Courtney, that's too bad! I'll make sure to not take good sashimi and sushi for granted.

Joe, with something so simple it better be pretty! I mean, if it wasn't nice to look at it would just be a pile of raw fish! Yuck.

Mila, 7.99? That's crazy! But I guess when you have a craving you'll pay anything.

Thanks Jo! I had way more fun than I should have playing with those flowers.

Oh nattou, definitely! And fatty meat. Or fatty anything: when I first came I had the typical North American fear of fat and I thought the marbled beef and pork here was really gross. It's funny that although the diet is healthy overall here, there is a real appreciation for fat, and I eventually learned to love it.

Mama Bok, you'll just have to come to Japan then!

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